Sandstormer Groomer

Sandstormer GroomerDairy Freestall Bedding Implement

As the sand is groomed, the long spikes help to break up any hard wet sand that might have built up over time. This eliminates the need to ever have to remove the sand. When used on a daily routine the sand will stay dry from the curb to the front of the stall helping to eliminate cases of mastitis.

Sand is pushed into the stall. This helps create a higher chest area for the cows, and to keep the sand where it belongs… in the stall, also it exposes any wet sand by the curb, this helps the groomer to do its job better to break up the wet sand and mix in the dry sand.

Designed by 500 Cow Dairy

Sandstormer’s design makes grooming stalls quick and efficient.

Maneuverability & Convenience

Sandstormer’s design makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas.

The Sandstormer is warranted for one full year.  Call Sandstormer LLC, 608-438-3709 for more information.

Concrete Floor Gooving

P And D Barn Floor Grooving – Concrete Floor Grooving for Slip Resistant Floors

P & D Barn Floor Grooving has been servicing the Ag industry throughout the Midwest (Serving Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan) for 20 years from our Southern Dane County location.